Candles ...are our aromatic get-aways, our bath buddies, our cheerleaders, oozing those soothing scents to help us wind down or an addition to our space making us relaxed and at peace.

But they are not always what they seem, and most of the time, they are more harmful to us and our planet than being a source of peace and re-wax-ation. 

To unchain the flames from the lurking shadows of toxic fumes; I have found a way in Sha3la by creating hand-poured candles with all-natural ingredients to not only give you the emotion you are looking for but also be most gentle on your health.

My name is Lana, and I am the founder of Sh3la - an Eco-Friendly Coconut Soy Candle Company based in Dubai, UAE. Sh3la focuses on making uniquely scented candles with ingredients sourced sustainably worldwide. All candles are developed, produced, and tested by our candle-making team in Dubai, with every candle held to the same quality standards that I have developed. For the love of our planet, we use no plastic and our eco-friendly packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable.

Now you might be wondering what brought me to creating my own candle brand, so here is a little back story:

In 2010, I moved to Boston for my Bachelor's degree. The chilly weather, the colorful scenery, the alleys, and the college vibes made me fall in love with this cold city. I lit up candles as I studied by the window, watched movies, and, most notably, when I wanted to disconnect and recharge. 

After completing my studies, I moved to Dubai in 2016 and started my career as a Marketing professional. I used to buy candles with various scent types but I couldn't really find that one scent that was meant for me, there was always something missing so I used to ponder, how could I make my own candles with my preferred scents….but you know life in Dubai is quite busy and the idea of making my own candles would fade away. 

Well, a time came when the whole world came to a halt… and so did my busy life and I had plenty of time at my hands… I ended up a self-discovery journey and realized that I now want to do something that I love… and it didn't took long to realize that it will be making my own candles….easier said than done haha 

Instead of nose diving into it, I took it up as a hobby to see how it goes. As I continued my research into the candle making process and skills in this craft, I uncovered some nasty secrets of this trade and how it was affecting our health and our environment… not something that you’d be expecting from a tiny little candle. But it's true, most of the candles being sold around the world are made with harmful materials like synthetic aromas, paraffin based wax, which is a blend of crude oil, and I am sure you know what happens when you burn oil - in any form…Crude oil is non-renewable and cannot be biodegraded. These candles use lead wicks that release an unsafe level of lead and carcinogens in the air when it's burnt causing all kinds of health problems.

My aim was simple: make the harm go away from the ritual of candle burning. So after months of research and experimentation, I decided to create candles that are eco-friendly, and also cruelty free. Hence all the ingredients and material used are  recyclable and biodegradable. We use coconut soy wax, natural fragrances with essential oils, plant extracts and flowers, wooden wicks, and metal and glass containers. Our packaging materials are also completely recyclable. 

Every candle we made also has a story behind it, beginning with metal or glass vessels, which are often recyclable and reusable. scents inspired by everyday.. capture the essence of memories. As a well-traveled person and lived in three different continents... I wanted to capture the people and places in unforgettable scents through candles. With these candles, I hope they will help you create an ambience and an atmosphere that you are aiming for.